60 million skill points

The second post of the “Why I left BRAVE” series is.. in the works. I thought it’d be done by now but I have not liked anything I’ve written. I’ve completely started over on it 3 or 4 times now and every time it comes across to myself as whiny.

So, since it’s now been over 2 weeks and I am again not keeping up with things, a lighter matter. I just passed 60 million skill points.

This really seems like a major milestone to me, mainly because I have filled in a lot of goals. I have not started on capitals at all except for a little training of related skills, so this is all focused on subcaps and other needs. So, what can I do?

Well, I have pretty good Planetary Interaction and even a little research agent and a smattering of social, business, and industrial skills either from messing around with it or because they pertained to basic mission and market functions. That’s the extent of my non-combat skills. I’ve remained fairly focused.

I can also fly mining barges, Ventures, and all Gallente industrials other than the freighter and jump freighter.

For combat ships.. let’s see. No capitals yet. I’m about to start training the skills though, once Sentry Drone Interfacing V finishes. In fact, that’s a good place to start. I can use every weapon system in the game except smartbombs, which for some reason I have not trained at all. I can use all subcapital sizes of hybrids and projectiles at Tech II; all small and medium drones at Tech II, medium lasers of both types, light missiles, heavy assault missiles, and cruise missiles at Tech II. I have almost all V’s in gunnery support skills; only 2 of them are at 4 and generally 4’s in missile and drone support skills.

As far as the actual ships, 60 million SP roughly coincided with a goal that had been put off over and over again and I finally forced myself to get back to – Minmatar Cruiser V. I had started training it over a year ago, and then put it aside just under half done.. over and over and over again. This was a major goal for me because it was the last Tech 1 piloting skill for a class smaller than a battleship that I did not have at V.

This means it’s actually easier to list what I can’t fly than can. Other than capitals and noncombat ships, I cannot fly Marauders other than the Kronos, Black Ops Battleships, Command Ships, the Legion, the Loki, the Confessor and the upcoming Svipul. Everything else I can fly with at least a III in the relevant Tech II skills, more often IV.

Right now, Sentry Drones are the order of the day, and then my next goal will be the Naglfar, starting on capitals. I do want BLOPS and Command Ships, but they will have to wait.

I’m at an odd point right now. There are a lot of skills like Interceptors I could train to V in fairly short order (for a V) but sooo many cap skills.. but those need V’s too for so many of them and they take soooo long. Capitals are something I want to do for the alliance. I do not really want to fly them a lot and supercapitals are not something I want at all. So.. obligation first, or wants? Command ships and BLOPS only make things harder.. they fit into both. what next, what next?

Where will I sit in a year?

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