Outside Factors

I am going to talk about why I left BRAVE/HERO.  That, however, is a big topic – and some of it is factors from outside BRAVE that they cannot control or could not foresee, or that are simply part of a trade-off.

So, this first portion is about those outside factors.

Before I get into that, I have to point something out – this is not a critique of BRAVE, it is not “what they are doing wrong” and it is definitely not “ZOMG they are fail!”.  BRAVE has things about it that are problematic, it also has things that are fine but Kiryen just doesn’t like a lot.  The things I’m talking about here are things I don’t like – whether they are good, bad, or indifferent.  This is about my reasons for leaving.  It is not BRAVE’s responsibility to tailor itself to my wants.

So, into the meat of things.

Content farm

First, BRAVE has, ever since I joined, been the preferred target for people looking for content.  In a sense, that’s good; there were always fights to be had.  However, it’s also problematic – there’s always fights to be had.  This is on the individual scale – Catch’s position combined with the desire for fights on the part of everyone else in nullsec means basic income generation is WAY harder than elsewhere.  It’s also on the alliance scale – the BRAVE war with Provibloc degenerated into N3 and PL indirectly fighting each other because they just could not stop pointlessly third-partying onto stuff.

Since I left, it seems only to have gotten worse – PL still attacking BRAVE just to have someone to attack, but not really following through because beating BRAVE means eliminating what little content they have.  Of course what they don’t realize is that continuously weakening BRAVE slowly is likely to result in the same thing, at someone else’s hands.  At a certain point, if you want to have content you need to let the content exist.

Playing defense

The corollary to the above is that you’re always fighting on your own territory.  Aside from an occasional roam, it’s the same repetitive defensive fights over and over again.  Granted, sov is a morass of timer grinding anyhow, but when it’s in the same systems over and over and over again, that only compounds things.


Ours and theirs

The entire time I was there we had N3 jump bridge systems sprinkled through Catch, which was a major contributing factor to the content farm.  FAT-6P was a major hub – and also the sole system in which escalations off anoms in my home system appeared so you could forget ever DOING any.  With Phoebe that dropped off a great deal- but then we couldn’t use our own jump bridges to avoid the endless gangs roving around the main staging system.

In fact, the more I look at it the more it sticks out – everyone is just up in BRAVEs ass all the time.  BRAVE isn’t firmly aligned with any top-tier power block.  Sort of, but not quite, so anyone in nullsec can come fight them without worrying that they might inadvertently trigger another B-R.  This isn’t precisely a problem with BRAVE or even anyone else; it’s a problem with EVE’s meta, and it isn’t even bad.  It just gets tiresome after a while hearing that nullsec is endless swathes of empty space, ripe for nullbearing it up while you’re stuck with 5 million a tic average in your Sacrilege because there’s a roam coming through every 15 minutes.

Or to put it another way, after a while you want the fights to be on your terms, and you want to be the one farming the content rather than being farmed.

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