I really need to get some posts in about Elder Scrolls Online.  I also need to probably clarify my last post a bit, since after 2 days I feel like I was ranting a bit.

I am not what I would consider a “conservative”.  Europeans might think I am, but European politics are heavily skewed left, having trended that way progressively harder and harder as WWII has faded into history.  I’m much more a center-right person, and how liberal or conservative I am depends on the issue.  It also tends to have a lot of nuance.  For example, I very much favor same-sex marriage, but I oppose getting it through the courts, because I feel that tolerance and acceptance of same-sex couples will be greater if the issue is addressed through referendum or the legislature.

In the present clime, I don’t feel that it’s that women or minorities face no issues; it’s that I don’t feel it’s possible to even identify those issues because so many people advocating for women, blacks, gay folks, etc. are so completely unwilling to engage in dialogue.  These voices have acquired a habit of simply identifying anything that isn’t to the advantage of their group, or that they don’t like and slapping the label of bigotry on it.

In EVE terms, calling your opponent a bigot and associating them with all of that baggage has simply come to dominate the political meta.  If you are not doing that, you’re stupid.  There are signs of change.  People are starting to get tired of it.  Moreover, the habit of trying to link ALL minorities together as if they were all united against the Straight White Male Boogeyman is becoming harder and harder to do.

Of course, the tactic of just repeating talking points is hardly unique to the left.. or even to politics.  If you go to the EVE forums, you can find endless repetition of bullshit talking points by CODE, people opposed to interceptor interdiction nullification, or the sort of idiot that thinks Ripard Teg is a horrible person for Erotica 1’s ban and the loss of “sandbox gameplay” in the bonus room that didn’t actually involve playing the game.

The problem with leftists and victim-group advocates is with their fundamental unfairness and hypocrisy and attempts to dress up special privileges for some groups as a form of equality.  Here’s a clue, leftists – you are creating the right-wingers you worry about so much. When you should down the middle and the center-right as racists or sexists for pointing out your excesses you should not be surprised when they turn back up as far-right-wingers.  Dealing with you has become a matter of fighting fire with fire.

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