Getting Hellcamped…

By life.

It’s happened for the last 3 months, mainly involving work plus buying a house plus having three young daughters at home plus one in college and of course actually playing EVE. And a little ESO, but not much. It’s not that I’m bored with ESO, just that until we move and get better internet downloading ESO’s patches is just nothing but painful. This isn’t so much a comment on ESO patches as it is on how shitty AT&T U-Verse is when you’re on the Mexican border.

In the meantime, however, I departed BRAVE for the CFC – specifically FCON. I don’t have any major animus towards BRAVE; it was just time for a change. BRAVE held it’s annoyances for me, most revolving around the implications of “Stay Classy” and how it was actually implemented, a plethora of people that had neither the critical thinking skills nor the experience to do so arguing with me, and a small group of people constantly turning chat into a lot of liberal-ass bullshit. I don’t consider myself terribly conservative, but I am not interested in listening to anyone talk about what a swell bunch of guys the Black Panthers are. I’m also not interested in hearing from some drunken nitwit who can’t match bombers to damage types how he knows all about the military from his 5 relatives, but me being a Major in the Reserves means I don’t know jack after 17 years because I’m “part of the problem”. Fundamentally, I don’t play games to discuss or hear about politics – except as they relate to the game – and I really am not interested in hearing political lectures from conspiracy theorists.

But, hopefully I’m back. This blog needs a lot of work, and with luck I’ll be able to get it done.