The PI Alt

Planetary Interaction is something I ignored for the first two-and-a-half to three years of my EVE career – foolishly.  At first, it was something I was only vaguely aware existed, then it was something I kept putting off.  Finally I trained it, and at first I found it rather frustrating – much like research agents, I found it not to really give much return at first.

Then I figured out what I was doing wrong, and got more selective with my planets.  While I’m not getting rich off of it, it certainly supplements things nicely.  My corp runs a small buyback program for those PI commodities needed to make our POS fuel, and except for robotics, I’ve been able to help the corp and help myself at the same time.  When we’re flush on materials, I just sell to the Alliance buyback instead, which also buys up my exploration loot.

Much like PI itself, though, the idea of making a PI alt or two hadn’t occurred to me until recently.  Then, when it did, I instinctively rejected it because it would mean pausing training on my main – and it seems like there’s always something else I need.  Right now it’s Caldari Cruisers V.  But, that had to be finally put off.

Two days ago, my first PI alt set up planets in nullsec.  She has 4 planets right now, and will be able to set up a 5th in a couple days.  Command Center upgrades are at 4.  That’s going to have to hit 5 since she is going to be making robotics, but I probably won’t go for the 6th planet any time soon.  That’s time better spent on a second PI alt.

I wouldn’t presume to write a PI guide.  There are already much better guides than I could ever write out there.  But, I feel that I understand it well enough that now I can feel like I have a good basic income guaranteed anywhere I go.  PI products are highly consumable as ships and sov structures get blown up, and fuel and nanite paste gets used.  Everyone needs the stuff.

With a few careful respecs and about 40 million for skill books, a hauler, and command center upgrades and other construction, 4 or 5 extra planets can be had.  That ought to pay for itself in two weeks or so.

I’m a single-account type of player, and I didn’t use PLEX to dual train.  That might be heresy to some people, but I think it’s time well spent.  It’s a lot easier to lose ships when you don’t feel like every ship you lose means hours of ratting to replace it.

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