PI in EVE is technically probably resource gathering rather than industry/crafting proper, but I lump them both in the same category, and part of the reason I like PI is that it’s pretty easy to manage.

I have never gotten deeply into MMO crafting.  PI Alts in EVE are probably as dedicated as I will ever get.  I messed around with it in Everquest II and WoW, but it never really “took hold” for me, despite the promise of riches.

Elder Scrolls Online is turning out to be no different.  It’s not that ESO has bad crafting; I actually like the system pretty well, particularly the motifs for different appearances.  It’s not terribly time consuming, and materials are readily available, at least to make the stuff.  It’s mostly the need for tempers to improve items.

These aren’t exactly hard to come by, but they’re not precisely abundant, either, and I’m in no rush to go out of my way to get more.  This is what’s held up my crafting career in every MMO thus far.

That said, this is not bad.  I am just not a crafter.  ESO gives me incentive to do it to make my own stuff, and more importantly to temper it but I am not going to have an army of crafting alts in ESO lining my pockets any more than I will run some EVE industrial conglomerate.  My corp in EVE is pretty heavily industry oriented, but that just makes me “the PVP guy”.  I’m nothing special at PVP, but BRAVE overall is pretty good, and I can slllloooowwwwllllyyyyy work my way into better knowledge.

One decision that ESO absolutely got right in regard to crafting was the ability to temper and improve any item, not just player-crafted ones.  This gives a value to tradeskills far in excess of the norm for a non-crafter.  I get most of my stuff from drops, so the ability to make them better is invaluable.

This is one of those little things that makes ESO so good in my opinion – the changes and improvements to underlying aspects of the game that give the player choice.  It’s part of what makes ESO one of the most underrated games out there; not enough credit for little innovations.

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