The Drive-By Political

This is a brief item. One we’ve all experienced. Most of us have probably been guilty of it at some point.

Although I have my political views, and they are well-established ones, I don’t really want politics in my gaming. To the degree that I do, I’d rather address it here than take up my play time arguing with someone in local chat, or on corp comms. I care about politics, and I even like discussing it, and I have my hot issues.. but when I’m in the middle of slaughtering Withered Hand cultists in Al’Akir, that is not the time.

There is, however, a certain species of gamer that just cannot let their political issues go. Many of these people will just troll everyone in local chat with divisive statements on divisive issues.

The Drive-By political, on the other hand, does not. The drive-by political takes their political shit in places where political speech (including religious, and other political-like talk) is inappropriate, knowing that the community or the moderation will shut things down before any discussion or argument starts. The political comment is then left hanging, like an axiom.

Now, the actual effectiveness of this in persuading people may be limited, but it DOES tend to create an environment where the implication is that counter-comments are being stopped because, while the place generally agrees with whatever sentiment was expressed, no one wants to argue.

For example, the first person makes some comment about “people that don’t want to accept that high sec income is out of control are as out of touch with reality as global warming deniers.”

Aside from the obvious poisoning the well going on here, the moderation in most forums, or on most corp comms, will promptly shut this down. Everyone afterwards is left with the uncomfortable feeling that global warming is an accepted truth, and the conversation was shut down, in part, to stop disagreement with it.

This is exactly what the driveby political wants. Both their pet political issue and the game issue are then left with no meaningful discussion, but the comment lingers in the air.

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